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Why Choose Global Engine?


We are a Service Based Operator (SBO) licence holder (Licence No. 1795) authorized by the Hong Kong Office of Communications Authority (OFCA) to provide International Value-Added Network Services (IVANS).  


We provide an integrated approach ICT solutions and services provider that specializes in the areas of telecommunications, networking, intelligent retail systems and technologies.


Our team of most proficient consultants has extensive expertise (over 25 years' experience) in the designing and implementation of different types of ICT strategies within Hong Kong. 


We are committed to providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to ICT strategy - from its robust design to successful implementation and ongoing management – that will ensure the delivery of optimal results to our clients' business.


We believe in working closely with our clients to provide them with customized ICT solutions that not only meet their current business needs but are also flexible enough to accommodate future growth and constantly evolving business requirements.

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